Protein hydrolysis technology

We offer innovative industrial solutions for the development of more efficient and sustainable protein hydrolysate-based biostimulant products.

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We are an R&D company that was set up to offer more sustainable and environmentally-friendly innovative biological formulations.

Our unique, exclusive and patented biotechnological hydrolysis processes enable us to convert food industry by-products into industrial solutions with high protein value for use in different fields of the economy.

The end products obtained from these by-products are converted into recovered raw materials for use in biological agriculture. This means that we can boost and optimise the yield of proteins, amino acids and peptides, which will provide the basis for the highest quality biostimulants.

Our work process is 100% sustainable and based on energy efficiency,
circular economy and zero waste criteria.


We produce a standard range of products, but can also make bespoke products to meet our customers’ needs.


A natural organic-mineral fertiliser, it combines the benefits of organic and mineral fertilisers.

The organic matter content of QLIMAX is present in several different forms, together with nitrogen. When these are combined with potassium, they stimulate the growth and activity of microorganisms that benefit the microbial flora of the soil, contributing to crop root development and improving nutrient absorption.


Its application achieves a prebiotic effect on the plant, stimulating the soil microorganisms that contribute to plant nutrition and leading to an increase in the yield and quality of crops.


Total  N (%, n/n) 2.5

Organic N (%, w/w) 2

Ammonia N (%, w/w) 0.5

Potassium oxide K2O (%, w/w3.5

pH 4-6

Density (g/mL) 1.12


Dosis: 5 – 10 L/ha.
Volumen de caldo: Cultivos hortícolas y ornamentales: 200-1500 L. Cultivos herbáceos extensivos: 100-500 L. Cultivos leñosos: 200-2000 L.
Frecuencia de aplicación: Aplicar cada 2 a 4 semanas en función del ciclo del cultivo y necesidades. Se recomienda repetir las aplicaciones de forma secuencial a lo largo del ciclo del cultivo (6 – 10 aplicaciones en total). Se aconseja realizar las dos o tres primeras aplicaciones con la dosis de 10 L/ha y continuar con una dosis de mantenimiento de 5 L/ha.


Suitable for application in all crops, particularly outdoor and greenhouse horticultural crops, perennials and fruit trees with a fertirrigation system. Also suitable for nursery plants and seedlings.


Organic fertiliser made up of a complex balance of free amino acids and animal oligopeptides to enable proper plant nutrition.

Through a process of enzymatic hydrolysis of animal proteins, it activates the physiological processes of the plant and improves its development without having a negative impact on the environment.


It provides the plant with amino acids and nitrogen, and the nutrition afforded by this product activates the physiological processes of the plant, improving its development, fruit setting and the quantity and quality of the crop in a sustainable manner.


Total  N (%, n/n) 10

Organic N (%, w/w) 7.1

Ammonia N (%, w/w) 2.9

Free Aminoacids (%, w/w) 7.88

Total Aminoacids (%, w/w) 31.5

Potassium oxide K2O (%, w/w) 7.2

pH 4,5 – 6,5

Density (g/mL) 1.20


Foliar application: 1-3 L/ha. Apply four times every 15-20 days.
For greenhouse crops, apply 0.75-2 L/ha. In the nursery, apply 0.2-0.3 L/ha.
Soil application: 3-4 L/ha. Apply four times every 15-20 days. Up to 15-20 L/ha may be applied in total.
For woody crops, apply 4-8 L/ha. For nursery plants, apply 1-2 L/ha.
Spray volume: Horticultural and ornamental crops: 200-1500 L. Extensive arable crops: 100-500 L. Woody crops: 200-2000 L.


It is recommended that NO60 be applied when the vegetative activity of the plant is at its peak (transplanting, growth, flowering, setting, tillering, fruiting or ripening).
It is used in horticultural, extensive arable and woody crops, as well as in ornamental and nursery crops.


A natural organic nitrogen fertiliser, it is ideal for increasing the yield and quality of crops, thereby stimulating their growth and development.

Its high nitrogen content provides immediate and long-term delivery to meet the nutritional needs of the plant.


It increases plant root mass and vitality, enhancing the crop quality and quantity. It also improves the efficiency of phytosanitary treatments and fertilisers with microelements.


Total  N (%, n/n) 8

Organic N (%, w/w) 5.5

Ammonia N (%, w/w) 2.5

pH 5.7

Density (g/mL) 1.173


10 – 20 L/ha


Recommended for the irrigation and fertirrigation of localised soil.



We work with exclusive and patented biotechnological and hydrolysed developments that allow us to offer more innovative industrial solutions.


We contribute to the circular economy through sustainable raw materials and a production process based on strict energy efficiency, circular economy and zero waste criteria.


We obtain the highest quality raw materials in order to create consistent and versatile formulations that are more competitive in the market.


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